Miss B's always has Fresh pies and baked goods daily. Stop by and see what we are offering today!

All of our pies, cakes and baked goods are made in house, freash every day. Make sure you check out our pie cooler stocked with our fresh homemade pies on your way to your table! We have cinnamon rolls as large as dinner plates! All of our desserts featured on our buffets are homemade. We homemake muffins to be served in place of a roll on our dinner entrees or to be bought separately. Our homemade sticky buns and peanut butter twists are to die for!! We sell large quantities of our cinnamon rolls, in varying size, and whole pies so that you can share love! We are taking orders for the holiday pies, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns and peanut butter twists now!!  

Our dinner-plate-sized cinnamon rolls!  An example of one of our exceptional homemade pies.

The cooler at Miss B's filled with pies.